Custom classes

You can pass your classes for the table, row, cell, etc.. via classes prop. And interesting thing is you can pass a validator function to apply custom classes conditionally.


<div id="app">
<vue-bootstrap4-table :classes="classes"
import VueBootstrap4Table from 'vue-bootstrap4-table'
export default {
name: 'App',
data: function() {
return {
rows: [
columns: [
classes: {
tableWrapper: "outer-table-div-class wrapper-class-two",
table : {
"table-striped my-class" : true,
"table-bordered my-class-two" : function(rows) {
return true
row : {
"my-row my-row2" : true,
"function-class" : function(row) {
return row.id == 1
cell : {
"my-cell my-cell2" : true,
"text-danger" : function(row,column,cellValue) {
return column.name == "salary" && row.salary > 2500
components: {
Currently you can add custom classes to <div>,<table>, <tr> and <td> elements using tableWrapper, table, row, and cell properties respectively. Note: tableWrapper adds classes to <div> element outside <table> element.
You can either pass the custom classes directly or pass a function with your condition check to decide whether to apply to class or not.
For example, in the above example, look at the property cell. There we are applying classes "my-cell my-cell2" directly to <td> element and "text-danger" class only to the "salary" column & also the salary value should be above 2500.